The Highest Mantra

Now I have given you the greatest secret, the most powerful mantra. All you have to do is go to a secluded place all by yourself, give up everything, sit down and chant this mantra for six months. Just eat a little, sleep a little and do nothing else but chant this mantra, and within six months you will see God face-to-face. Ive done it. Im just an ordinary person; if I can do it, anyone can do it. So are you ready? Are you ready to give up everything and go into the forest and chant this mantra?

No? Well why not? Its a matter of faith, isnt it? Well then, «O ye of little faith», I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that now you have the most powerful mantra, the dvādaśākṣara-mantra; its a Visnu mantra, a very powerful mantra, all you have to do is use it. The bad news is you almost certainly will not use it properly; you almost certainly have too much faith in other things and it is those things, that faith in the wrong things that is keeping you from self-realization, that is keeping you in illusion, that is keeping you in this material world. If you really want to attain self-realization you are going to have to do this someday anyway, whether you do it today, tomorrow or fifty years from now or next lifetime. Someday you’re going to have to sit down and chant this mantra until you attain self-realization. This is the conclusion of the Esoteric Teaching. If you want really want this benefit then you will have to do this method; Im sorry but thats really the only way out of here.

Its a question of faith. We have faith; we wouldnt be able to get out of bed in the morning if we didnt. The problem is we have faith in the wrong things. We have faith in things and ideas that keep us in bondage, that keep us in illusion, that keep us from realizing the Absolute Truth. So we have to review our faith in these things and realize how our faith has gone wrong. So how do we attain right faith? By association with people who have the right faith. If our faith is right then our actions will automatically be right. So by association with a Master Teacher—whether through a book, a video, a website, an email or in person—one develops the transcendental quality of faith required for complete self realization.

So everything I say here, everything I try to convince you of, everything Im presenting in these videos and on the website is just to convince you of having faith in this twelve-syllable mantra, om namo bhagavate väsudeväya, and to use it, to employ it, to chant it, to meditate on it and to get its benefit. You see this path, the Esoteric Teaching, although it begins from knowledge, is not really a path of knowledge; its a path of faith, a path of the heart. And by having faith in the knowledge that is given by the Master Teacher and employing that information, then you will advance spiritually to reach the Absolute Truth.

In fact without a certain quality of knowledge—not the quantity of knowledge, quality of knowledge, that knowledge called the Absolute Truth—your faith cannot attain to the transcendental stage. But it is this transcendental faith that brings you to the Truth. So both go hand-in-hand, knowledge and faith, wisdom and practice. You have to walk on two feet. So one foot is wisdom, the other foot is practice; use them and attain the highest. For unless the quality of our faith attains the transcendental stage, all our efforts in yoga, tantra, self-realization, meditation, whatever path of spiritual enlightenment that we take, will be useless.

When I say useless I mean they will give you fruits, but those fruits will all be temporary and material, and they will bring you back into this material world. Is that what you want, or would you rather be free? To attain the blessing of freedom is not an easy thing; one has to know what is spirit and what is matter, what is the Absolute Truth and what is illusion. This Seminar series is designed to educate you in these things. So listen carefully and as we go on through the Seminar you will, one by one, hear all the knowledge that you need to develop this transcendental faith. Just stay with us and youll get everything you need through the Esoteric Teaching.

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