Lo Mejor de «El Factor X» or «The X Factor» pt.3

The X Factor

John and Edward>>The X Factor 2009: The choice of song has raised quite a few eyebrows, but can the twins really pull off Britney?

Brother and Sister team Same Difference bound in with mounds of energy – but is it too much for the judges?

Fouad Djaoublia is a massive fan of Mariah Carey and holds her as his inspiration. But is he as good as his idol?

Behrouz Ghaemi certainly believes in himself and thinks he’s got what it takes to be as famous as Elvis!

Collegati subito per vedere tutti i filmati di «X-Factor» e la programmazione Rai –

Ethan Boroian19-year-old Ethan thinks he’s got what it takes. Was his move from the USA worthwhile?

The worst auditionees

All the way from Trinidad and Tobago, Rozelle Phillip tries out for The X Factor – but has she got what it takes?

WOW!! y mas WOW‼

Se les escapo del MANICOMIO… ah! ponte el cinturon!!

Private Ryan witnessed some terrible scenes while in service in Iraq, which included the deaths of two of his closest friends. He’s now decided to find another route in his singing. Does he have enough to win?

Antony, the Crazy Guy…

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