Lo Mejor de “El Factor X” or “The X Factor” pt.4

El Factor X

Una pareja dispareja…

El sabor amargo de la derrota…

Watch as Simon takes apart two Welsh singers. better still watch the last bit where the tall one says she’d still «Do him» , despite the insults.

The very talented four young guys from JLS made a brilliant impression during their first audition.

Shanna Goodhead lives with her family in East London. Can she use her talent to change their lives?

watch in high quality full x factor result show alexandra burke wins the 2008 x factor singing hallelujah

The X Factor: This trio of 17-year-olds have come to play down the stereotype of teenagers in this country, but did they do a good job?

La nueva edición de Factor X va a cambiarle la vida a muchos candidatos, como ya hizo el año pasado con Leire, que se ha convertido en la nueva cantante de La Oreja de Van Gogh.

This is the Worst X-factor Audition EVER !!! 26 Year old holistic vocal coach, Ariel Burdett from west yorkshire

Could Stacey’s lack of belief in herself affect her performance of The Scientist?

Jade Fubara wants to prove it to herself and her family that she can make it. But can a young schoolgirl really have that much talent?

Lo peor del Factor X

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