We are about to witness a human catastrophe that could destroy large portions of a continent

The Extinction Protocol

September 2014AFRICA – Sometimes the artifice of writing — metaphors, historical comparisons, the just-so quote — fails. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa demands directness: We are about to witness a human catastrophe that could destroy large portions of a continent and pose a global threat. And the response of the world, including the United States, is feeble, irresponsible and disrespectful of nature’s lethal perils. American health officials and nonprofit groups are bringing back the same report from the region. In Liberia, the rate of new infections has probably already moved from a linear to an exponential curve. The same may be true within the next week or so for Sierra Leone and Guinea. The normal countermeasures for an infectious disease — isolation, case investigation, contact tracing — are increasingly irrelevant given the rate of increase. Local health care infrastructure, which barely existed in the first place, is…

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Diferencias Entre Aceite De Olivo, Virgen O Virgen Extra

informacion muy interesante es por eso la comparto.

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¿Qué diferencia hay entre aceite de oliva, virgen y virgen extra?

Los aceites de oliva virgen y virgen extra se obtienen mediante los dos primeros métodos de extracción, siempre mecánicos y sin usar refinado. El virgen extra es el de máxima calidad, nunca debe sobrepasar los 0.8º de acidez y su nota de cata cualificada debe ser de 6.5 o mayor.La única diferencia entre el virgen extra y el virgen, es que el segundo es algo peor de calidad, pero la diferencia es mínima. Se permite un nivel de acidez de hasta 2º y la nota de cata cualificada en este caso tiene que ser de al menos 5.5.

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